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Wednesday, 21 October 2009 10:42

Pilot description:

The application focuses on both traditional and emerging methods, including coal and renewable resources, such as the wind, the sun, and waves. On-line demonstrators show how emerging renewable energy trends can help control pollution and contrasts findings against the effects of less environmentally friendly practices.

A games-based educational approach will be used, i.e. the children will be able to play a game on-line that helps raisw awareness of the positive effect of renewable energy resources to our every day life.

The pilot will be an extension of the good practices in our everyday life application. While that application focuses on a house, the Energy pilot discussed here will focus on the level of a city.

Some of the good practices that will be addressed in the application include:

  • Electricity production based on the wind
  • Electricity production based on solar energy
  • Using waste to produce electricity
  • Effective public transport systems for reducing car emissions
  • Bicycle routes for encouraging healthier methods of getting around
  • Efficient buildings
  • Recycling

See here the interface specs.


See here a comprehensive Powerpoint 2003 (2007 version) document describing the scenario of the demonstrator. (To be published soon)


Start the demonstrator:



Download an offline version (Windows OS)


Read the manual

In English

In Greek



Troubleshooting (encountered an issue ?)



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